Copper Plum Pitcher
Retro Mustard Pitcher Set
River Rock Pitcher
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Terracotta Collection
Prickly Pear Camper Mug
Speckled Sand Collection
Custom Moonrise Mug
Turquoise Stone Vases
Midnight Moonrise Mug
Salsa Bowls
Mountain Moonrise Collection
Terracotta Tortilla Warmer
Stoneware Cacti
Funky Sonoran Jug
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Floral Sonoran Planter
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Desert Rose Mug
Mermaid Tiki Tumbler
Sun Candle Sconce
Speckled Sand Jug
Floral Sonoran Vase
Turquoise Stone Mug
Tiny Mandala Bowl
Ocean Moonrise Mug
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Desert Playa Planter
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Starry Night Moonrise Mug
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Twilight Moonrise Mug
Porcelain Magnolia
Mountain Moonrise - First Edition
Floral Sonoral Planter
Desert Daze Moonrise Mug
Midnight Moonrise Mug
Funky Sonoran Boat Mug
Terracotta Planter
Tiki Collection
River Rust Jug
Terracotta Planters
Pumpkin Camper Mug
Stormy Night Moonrise Mug
Tiny Mandala Bowl
Stoneware Mandala Bowl
Stone Diamond Lidded Vessel


mud enthusiast

Being raised on a mesa bordering Arizona and Utah with sandstone earth rich in waves of color, I’ve had my hands deep in dirt all my life. It’s no surprise I’ve found a lifelong passion in clay.

I’ve found my designs mirror the contrasting hues and textures from my desert roots: sand and sage, sandstone walls and glistening water, desert wildflowers and cacti skin, burning sun and turquoise stones. I’m inspired by the fluid feel of canyon walls, layered earth, precious stones and the subtle tones of the desert.

The world of pottery has enriched my life in more ways than I could have imagined. It has taught me patience, the importance of creativity in daily life, the value of being inspired by your family and peers, and the benefit of taking risks.

Follow my journey at:

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